The entrance looked normal. Some stacked up junk and little else. We could hear the faint
sound of a double bass playing somewhere. We crossed a dark hallway, then a door. I
remember there was a curtain. Steven pulled it to one side, stubbed out his cigar on the wall
and beckoned us in …

The BootLegger is a private event organized by Grupo Concerto, created to give your parties
and get-togethers a unique atmosphere.

With an aesthetic in the purest Peaky Blinders style (but without guns), this event will take you
back to a clandestine club of the 20s. Live jazz music, an exclusive cocktail service and lavish
decor will surprise your guests and turn your party into a different and special experience.
Will you be able to keep the secret?

Find us: C/ Labradores 5 (Alicante)